Fruit ice candy is one the best treat for hot summer days. These ice popsicles are simply to make, without any added preservatives, colour or flavours and not even sugar.. Pure healthy ice cream for kids. My son's favorite one :)



Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed written recipe as well:

Mango - 1 cup chopped
Watermelon - 1 cup cut into pcs (Remove the seeds)
Grapes - 1 cup

1. In a mixer blender jar, puree mangoes and pour into ice popsicle molds. Fill half the moulds with mango puree. 
2. Then blend watermelon in blender jar to get juice. Pour the juice on top of mango puree leaving 1/4 space in the moulds. 
3. Blend grapes to get grapes juice. Sieve the grape juice in case the skin of the grapes is too hard and has not blended in juice. Pour grapes juice in mould till rim. 
4. Insert sticks or place the mould covers which comes along with it. Freeze for ice cream popsicles for 5-6 hours till completely set. Once set, de-mould the fruit ice popsicle and enjoy fresh fruit ice candy :)   

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