Bhalle or Vada is generally had with Dahi (Curd) or Sambhar in the Southern part of India, It is a delicacy loved by all but consumes a lot of oil in frying, tried making it with the Philips Airfryer and the result was just outstanding....

Washed Urad dal/ Split Black Gram lentil – 1 cup
Salt – As per taste

1.       Soak the lentil for 2-3 hours and grind coarsely.
2.       Add salt in the batter.
3.       Place small portion of batter on small greased foil paper.
4.       Preheat the airfryer at 200 degrees.
5.       Put the foil paper in airfryer and airfry the bhalls for 10 min.
6.       Bhalle will get a brown colour once airfryed. Serve it with Sambhar or Dahi/curd as per taste.


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  1. Please mention unit of temperature, if Centigrade or Farenheit, it makes a huge difference.


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