Lady Finger (Bhindi) – ½ Kg
Tamarind pulp – ½ cup
Jaggery (Gudd) – 50 gms
Onions chopped – 3
Salt, Red Chilly powder, Turmeric powder – As per taste
Mustard oil – 2 tsp

1.       Wash, dry and cut lady finger with slit in the center.
2.       In a pan add mustard oil, sauté onions. Add lady fingers and put all spices.
3.       Let it cook for 10-15 min with frequent stirring, till lady finger becomes soft and tender.
4.       Add tamarind pulp and jaggery to it to give a nice sweet and sour flavour to Lady finger.
5.       Cook for 2-3 min and serve hot with Chapati. 

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