Dried Figs or Anjeer are very commonly available almost everywhere.  These have many health benefits like figs are helpful in treatment of constipation, diabetes, cough and also has high concentration of fiber. It is a very sweet dried fruit so can be taken in form of shakes, smoothies etc.

Anjeer (Figs) – 4 pcs soaked overnight
Millk – 2 glasses
Almonds- 5-6 pcs soaked overnight
Castor Sugar – 1 tbsp

  1. In a blender jar, add anjeer pcs, half glass milk and castor sugar, Blend it to get a thick concentrate.
  2. Once concentrate is ready, add more milk to get a shake consistency.
  3. Serve the Anjeet shake in a glass and top with anjeer pcs and sliced almonds.

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