The interesting name reveals the interesting snack recipe. It is actually double slices of bread rings dipped in dal batter, hence the double decker and then ofcourse air fried to maintain the health value.

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed recipe as well:

Bengal Gram flour (Moong dal atta) – 1 cup (Gram flour can also be used instead)
Bread slices – 4 pcs
Salt, Red chilly powder, Ajwain – ¼ tsp (As per taste)
Cooking soda –a pinch

For garnishing:
Pomegranate seeds – 1/3 cup
Rice puffs/ Any Namkeen-1/3 cup
Chopped Onions – 1/3 cup

1.       Make a smooth batter of Moong dal flour and water. Add all spices. Mix well.
2.       Cut round pcs of 2 bread slices and in another 2 slices, make rings.
3.       Dip these bread slices in the dal batter and place the ring bread slices on top of round bread slice such that a hole is formed in the centre. This forms the double decker of the bread slices.
4.       Place these pcs on a foil paper and smear little oil on top for greasing. Put it a preheated air fryer for 15 min at 180 degrees.
5.       Take the pcs out from the fryer and allow these to cool a little. In the centre hole, garnish by putting all onions, pomegranate seeds and any namkeen of your choice. Serve with chutney.

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