Falsa or fruit of tree Grewia Asiatica is a summer fruit of India and other neighboring countries. It provides a cooling effect in summers and is really good for digestion. Falsa juice can be stored for entire summers.


Falsa – 1 cup
Roasted cumin seeds powder – ¼ tsp
Rock salt/ Black salt – ½ tsp
Castor Sugar – 1 - 2 tsp
Salt – ½ tsp
Drinking Soda- ½ cup
Mint twig – 1 for garnishing
Powdered mint – a pinch for garnishing


1.       Wash the falsa properly and put it in blender jar to make a paste. Add little water which will help in making the paste.
2.       Using muslin cloth or sieve, strain the falsa pulp and add water to ease the straining process.
3.       Once the pulp is ready, add all the ingredients except for the soda.
4.       Take a serving glass , put some ice cubes at the base, top with the falsa pulp extract and soda.
5.       Garnish with mint twig and little mint powder (optional)
6.       Serve cold and beat the heat in summers.

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