Both soya and sprouts are very rich source of protein, so make this very healthy snack recipe and serve to your family.

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed recipe:

Soya chunks – 1 cup
Sprouts (Moth and Moong dal)– 1 cup (soaked overnight)
Chopped onions -  1 cup
Chopped tomatoes – ½ cup
Tomato puree- ¾ puree
Sliced capsicum – ½ cup
Chopped ginger garlic- 2 tsp
Butter – 1 tbsp
Salt, Red chilly powder, Turmeric powder – ½ tsp each

  1. Steam soaked soya chunks with little water and a tea bag. Tea bag is optional. Keep it aside.
  2. In a Kadai, melt half quantity of butter, sauté ginger garlic, half of onions. Add sprouts, little water and salt. Cook it till sprouts are soft.
  3. In another pan, melt leftover butter and little oil (optional), sauté leftover onions. Add tomato puree and add all the spices and cook till the gravy is cooked. Add the steamed soya and cook for 5- 10 min till masala coats with nutria.
  4. Serve with sliced capsicums and chopped tomatoes in rings form to make it little more interesting.

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