Bhuna masala is a basic curry masala used for different types of curry and vegetables.

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the video recipe for easy reference:

Tomatoes – 2.5 Kgs (roughly cut into small pcs)
Onions – 2 kgs (roughly cut into small pcs)
Ginger, Garlic – 100 gms each
Refined oil – 0.5 kgs
Salt, Red chili powder, Turmeric powder - 2 tsp each

1.       In a chopper, chop ginger and garlic separately.
2.       In a chopper itself, chop tomatoes and onions together. The consistency of the mixture should neither be too fine, nor be too course.
3.       In a big Kadai or pan, heat oil, sauté ginger garlic till light brown.
4.       Add tomato onions chopped mixture and keep the mixture on high flame for 10-15 min, then reduce the flame. Cook the mixture on medium flame for 1-1.5 hrs till the water completely evaporates and the masala/ curry leaves oil.
5. Add salt, turmeric powder and red chili powder in between.
6.       The quantity of the masala will reduce considerably, once cooked properly.
7.       Once ready, cook for another 10 -15 min to ensure that the water has completely evaporated for proper preservation.
8.       Allow the masala to cool down. Store the masala in steel/plastic containers/ice cubes trays depending upon the convenience.
9.       Store the masala in freezer chamber of refrigerator, as it will freeze.
10.       For usage, take out the masala from freezer to melt it down and the gravy masala is ready to use for any gravy vegetables.

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  1. Indian cuisine is one of my top favourite one, mainly because there's so much spicy food. If I do get a chance, I'll try to make it sometime.


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