Mango kulfi is the most relished and delicious sweet dish during summer season. Homemade kulfi is free from preservatives, no colouring agents and is creamy, 

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed recipe as well:

Milk – 1/5 litres
Sugar – 2 tablespoon
Mango Puree of 3 pcs

1.       In a Kadai, thicken the milk, Boil it till the milk reduces to half. Add sugar and simmer for 10 more minutes. 
2.       Allow the milk to cool down completely.
3.       Mix the mango puree into milk and blend the same to get a smooth mango puree. Keep this mixture in freezer. Allow the mixture to set slightly and blend again. Follow this process for at-least 2-3 times. This will help avoid crystals and will get a creamy kulfi.
4.       Pour the mixture into kulfi mould and keep in freezer till the kulfi set properly.
5.       A stick for kulfi can be added at this stage (optional).
6.       Serve cold either by cutting into pcs or in a stick form.

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