Desi Ghee making is a simple process using only 1 ingredient - Malai or cream. This is the purest desi ghee which can put to enumerable uses. It is said that pure ghee enhances physical and mental strength thus keeps the body healthy. But the quantity of ghee should be limited due to fat content involved. However pure ghee can last for a longer duration of time. It can be stored without refrigeration.

Here is the video recipe for easy reference: 

Below is the detailed recipe 

Malai or homemade cream - 1/2 kgs

1. Collect cream or malai everyday at least for 7-10 days.
2. Churn the malai using hand blender/ food processor/ using ladder , which is a manual process. churn till the stage butter is extracted from malai and water/ butter milk is left behind.
3. Remove the butter and add cold water. Wash the butter with cold water 2-3 times. This washing process aids ghee making and the quantity of the residual mixture left behind the ghee is also reduced.
4. The left over buttermilk can be used to make kadhi/ or can be used to prepare homemade paneer.
5. After washing the butter, keep the butter in kadai on medium flame. Cook till the ghee separates.
6. Lets the ghee cool down completely.
7. Sieve the ghee in an airtight container or steel container. 
8. Left over residual mixture or khoya can be used to make khasta roti/ sweet roti.


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