Rice cutlets are perfect snack recipe which can be made using leftover overcooker rice as well as fresh rice. Easy to make, healthy to eat, a crispy cutlet recipe made in airfryer. 

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed recipe as well:

Leftover rice/ Fresh Rice - 1 Bowl
Bread Slices - 2 pcs
Salt, Red chilly powder, Cumin seeds, Garam Masala - As per taste
Flax seeds powder - 1 tsp
Chopped Carrot/ Capsicum - 1/2 cup each

1. In a bowl add all ingredients and mix well to form a nice mixture. 
2. Once mixture is ready, give desired shape of cutlets.
3. Apply little oil on top of each cutlet for glazing.
4. Preheat air fryer at 180 degrees and air fry rice cutlets at 180 degrees for 8-10 min till crisp and brown.
5. Serve hot with tomato ketchup or any chutney of choice.

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