See how to make healthy atta biscuits in cooker using idli stand. Learn to prepare whole wheat biscuits without oven, without microwave or Airfryer. Biscuits in cooker are easy to make and are crisp and tasty.

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed recipe as well:

Whole Wheat Flour / Atta - 1 cup
Castor sugar - 1/2 up
Melted Desi ghee - 1/2 cup
Milk - 1 tsp
Salt - A pinch
Tutti fruity- 1/4 cup

1. In a bowl mix atta, sugar, salt and tutti fruity. Add ghee to prepare dough. Add milk if required. Do not knead the mixture too much else dough will become hard. 
2. Roll the dough to give shape of log and refrigerate it for 15-20 min covered in a foil paper. 
3. Meanwhile preheat the pressure cooker with salt on medium flame. And also grease the idli moulds. 
4. Cut small pcs of the dough and place in idli stand. Keep the stand in the preheated pressure cooker. Remove the rubber and gasket of the pressure cooker lid and cover it. The flame should be lowest possible and cook the biscuits for at least 20-25 min till golden brown and crisp. 
5. Ensure to check the biscuits in between and cook further, if required. The bottom most biscuits will bake first so ensure to remove those biscuits first and then continue baking rest of the biscuits. 
6. Cool down the biscuits completely and store in an air tight container. 

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  2. Hi, Would love to try this. Can we make them in idli cooker ( steel) ? Thanks. Neena.

  3. The cosmodrome says 1/2 cup milk but the recipe says 1 tsp .... what shld I follow . I tried two times with 1/2 cup milk but the dough became thin n sticky so had to add more atta n that’s y I think the biscuits turned out to be hard .

  4. Sorry I mean to say the video says different proportion n recipes say different . I also wanna ask can v make this in idli pot n if yes do v add at the base of the idli pot ?

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  6. Great biscuit recipe. I read your post. Really great biscuit recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Is there any alternative for aluminum foil here


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