See how to make non-deep fried guilt free gulab jamun recipe with khoya and atta. This is an instant Gulab jamun recipe, easy gulab jamun recipe, best to prepare for diwali or festivals. Used my airfryer to make these guilt free gulab jamun.

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed written recipe as well:

Khoya / Mawa - 125 gms (1/2 cup)
Cottage Cheese (Paneer) - 40 gms
Whole wheat Flour (Atta) - 20 gms
Semolina (Suji) - 10 gms/ 1 tbsp Baking Powder - 1/4 tsp
Chopped nuts (pistachio, almonds) for stuffing (optional)
Milk - 2-4 tbsp (as needed) Yellow Food colour - a pinch (optional) 

For sugar syrup:
Sugar 1 cup + Water 1.5 cups + Saffon + Cardamom powder

1. Mash mawa for 3-5 min till soft. Add in milk to soften the mawa, if little dry,
2. Add in whole wheat flour, semolina, baking powder, paneer and combine all ingredients well. Mash for good 5-7 min till the mixture is smooth and soft.
3. For stuffing - in a bowl, take yellow food colour with few drops of milk, add in small portion of prepared mawa mixture, few chopped nuts, sugar and mix well.
4. Divide mawa mixture and stuffing in equal portions. Take 1 portion of mawa mixture and stuff it, roll it to form a smooth ball without any cracks.
5. Brush all prepared balls with little desi ghee and place in preheated airfryer. Air fry at 140 degrees for 5 min first, shake the balls and then air fry at 180 degrees for 5-7 min till brown and cooked properly. In between flip over the gulab jamun to get even colour on all sides.
6. For chashni - In a pan add all ingredients and cook till the sugar syrup becomes sticky. It should not reach one string consistency. Once the syrup boils for 1-2 min and is sticky, switch off the flame.
7. Once balls are ready, immediately, transfer it into sugar syrup. Ensure that the sugar syrup is not too hot nor too cold, it should be warm enough. Soak the gulab jamun for 1-2 hours and serve.

For recipes in hindi, check out Healthy Kadai Hindi YouTube Channel

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