See how to make simple Mukhwas, a digestive mouth freshener. Mukhwas helps aids in digestion and is tasty to eat. We have shared simplest mukhwas recipe, needs only few minutes to prepare it. Mukhwas is generally eaten after meal for digestion and also to freshen the mouth. This sweet and refreshing mukhwas is must after a satisfying meal. 

Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed written recipe as well:

Fennel Seeds (Mote Sauf) - 25 gms
Sweet Fennel Seeds (Barik Sauf) - 25 gms
Sugar Coated Coloured Fennel Seeds - 25 gms
Coriander Splits (Dhania Dal) - 25 gms
Roasted Flax Seeds - 2 tsps
Fresh/ Dried dates - 5 pcs
Mishri - 50 gms

Mix everything well in a bowl and store in air tight container. One can store this mixture for around one month. 

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