Vegetable Rava upma/ suji upma is a very nutritious, healthy and palatable baby food. Suji upma is actually very simple to prepare. You just need roasted semolina ready and few vegetables cut of your babies choice and you are good to go. Suji upma can be comfortably given to babies of 6 months of age, keeping in mind that that both vegetables and semolina needs to be introduced first before giving complex food. Suji upma can be made using plain suji also without vegetables if you are not confident that your baby will be able to chew it. 

Here is the video recipe for ready reference:

Below is the written recipe as well:

Roasted Suji (Semolina) - 1.5 tbsps 
Peas, chopped beans, onions, shredded carrot - 1/4 cup 
Mustard Seeds - 1/8 tsp 
Desi ghee/ Oil - 1 tsp

1. Heat 1 tsp desi ghee. Splutter mustard seeds and add 1 cup water for boiling.
2. Add in all vegetables and cook for 5 min until soft and tender. 
3. Add in 1 tbsp of roasted semolina and cook till it absorbs water. 
4. Add nuts powder, only after checking if the baby or toddler is not allergic to nuts. 


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