An Easy Mango Dessert Ready in 10 min. It is one of the easiest Mango dessert recipe which takes only 10 minutes to prepare if all the ingredients are ready. One can call this Eggless Mango Cake but no baking, No condensed milk, No cream is required to make this. This easy mango dessert recipe is very delectable and scrumptious. Do try it out. 



                                                 Here is the video recipe for easy reference:

Below is the detailed recipe as well:

Mango Puree - 1 cup
Mango Cubes - 1 cup
Hung Curd - 1 cup (of 500ml milk) 
Powdered Sugar or Condensed Milk - 2 tbsp 
Bread Slices - 4 pcs 
Food colour - Few drops (optional)

1. Prepare hung curd by hanging curd in a muslin cloth for overnight till all the liquid is squeezed out. Use the liquid to knead soft dough.
2. Add milk along with sugar in hung curd and blend together to get smooth paste. Divide this mixture in 2 portions.
3. In one portion add mango puree along with food colour. Mix well. 
4. Cut sides of the bread slices and keep it ready,
5. Layering - Take a square dish, dip bread slices in mango puree mixture till bread is completely soaked in it:
1st layer - Soaked bread at bottom. 
2nd layer - Top with mango cubes
3rd layer - White hung curd mixture
Layering can be repeated depending upon the height of the bowl.
6. Keep the dish in refrigerator and serve chilled. 

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